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5 Ways to improve The Value of your webSite

There are millions of Internet sites on the web today and many more are being added daily. How do you ensure that your customers find your web site, read it and come back?

Offer something useful and compelling to a customer, in a way they can easily find it.

1. Make it valuable
Content, Content, Content!

It is critical to provide something useful to your customers and answers to their questions. This information will keep them coming back to the site and will increase the positive brand recognition of your business.

For instance, a company that sells lawn mowers can offer after sales maintenance tips and articles. Keeping the relationship will the user after the sale will help the company up-sell additional products, such as accessories, replacement parts, etc.

2. Donít make them think
In Internet time, users do not have the patience or inclination to navigate a hard to use site. Typically if the user cannot understand the site in a couple of seconds they will move on to a competitorís site.

It may look very nice to have lots of photographs and graphics on your home page, but it needs to be balanced with presenting the user a clear path to find the information they are looking to find.

3. Build A community
Offering people a place to communicate and keep up-to-date with current events is an excellent way to increase customer loyalty. A simple calendar will keep people informed and connected to you and when used correctly will get them into your store.

4. Make updating easy
Having an outside company design and implement your web site makes excellent business sense. But what happens when you want to update the site? Chances are that you do not have the time to learn complicated new skills to write a web page. The result is either you continue to pay for frequent updates to your site or the site never gets updated ?neither are good for your business.

A site that never gets updated is a sure way to turn your customers away from your business. What does it tell your customer when you advertise an event that is a year out of date?

Selecting the right software can enable even the most time pressed business owner to keep their site up-to-date. Advances in software design have made many packages incredibly easy to use.

As part of our service, we can recommend, install and configure software to keep your site current.

5. Search Engine Optimization
Search engines are the number one way most people are going to come to your site. There are many companies that offer to improve the ranking of your site within search engines ?but which one should you choose and do they really produce the incredible results they claim. Fact is that getting your site submitted to a hundred search engines sounds impressive, but there are only five major ones that your site needs to be well placed on. Search engines are so sophisticated that it takes experience and a bit of patience to get the placement you need.

What to Do Next
Contact us today and we will work with you to recommend and implement changes to your site that will help your customers and your business.

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